Monday, February 28, 2011

Little Boys & Bow Ties!

Little Boys & Bow Ties!

My sweet & saucy......! its more than a feast to the eye...! i wish i was a part of those cakes.. they are all so pretty :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

a tough day:

As i read through my favorite blog, i wonder where do i go wrong? i love my job as an architect/interior designer.. i get to create wonderful spaces.. so much of inspiration around me... but...something is missing! so i log into one of my fav blogs and read out the most inspiring blogs so far. I thank Holly of " decor8" for being such a true inspiration. I hope to follow my inner voice and refresh myself time and again to create and enjoi every aspects of what i do. I hope iam making sense.. as these are my thoughts for today!
Hope all you lovelies had a good day and wishing the rest of the west a fabulous morning


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

here again:

i dont know why i havent been blogging for so long? i read my favourite blogs everyday that inspire me when i know this blog of mine has been collecting dust over th elast three years :(.
a good friend of mine asked me one day... why is that u dont blog?! so here iam, hand on my heart will do my bit to inspire people by highlighting beautiful things i come across.
Before i post this, i need to thank another person who lives miles away from me and doesnt even know my existence :)....thanks " jen" of "
Hopefully i get the hang of this and have post everyday with new and interesting finds.

Monday, November 3, 2008

welcome....well.."ME" to the world of blogging

Its a new beginning...the sun has set and i have marked this by creating my very first blog. I have been pondering over this for really long now. Its never too late. Hopefully this will be the beginning to interact with all design junkies... :)
I would like to thank all who are doing such a great job with all posts and info on all things design.
As a child, i dreamnt of becoming an artist and ended up being an architect :). I love what I do and would not give it up for anything. Well.... only if my hubby.. insist on starting a restuarant. So here I am.... to share my thoughts on all things design... It may come in the form of a furniture, cake, hat... or even... now.. thats something i wud like all you people to check out.
Once again.... WELCOME!!