Monday, November 3, 2008

welcome....well.."ME" to the world of blogging

Its a new beginning...the sun has set and i have marked this by creating my very first blog. I have been pondering over this for really long now. Its never too late. Hopefully this will be the beginning to interact with all design junkies... :)
I would like to thank all who are doing such a great job with all posts and info on all things design.
As a child, i dreamnt of becoming an artist and ended up being an architect :). I love what I do and would not give it up for anything. Well.... only if my hubby.. insist on starting a restuarant. So here I am.... to share my thoughts on all things design... It may come in the form of a furniture, cake, hat... or even... now.. thats something i wud like all you people to check out.
Once again.... WELCOME!!

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